Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Many changes are now happening: political changes, economical changes, social changes, etc. There isn’t an only crisis, perhaps there are a lot of them. Whole the World is changing, and I think that we need these changes too. It could be a good solution for this sad situation: people without job, hungry children, natural disasters... Everything cracks. Only if we are conscious about this, it will be much easy to find a solution.
And if we are talking about changes, there’s no author who knows so much of this theme than Anthony Browne.
This illustrator, one of the best illustrators at the moment, has made a revolution with his images full of references to other situations that don’t belong to the Children’s Literature’s World. It’s curious, but Browne gets to introduce figures or elements that change the meaning of his works. From his beginning like illustrator, with titles like A walk in the park, to works like I like books, Piggybook, Gorilla (in my opinion, his best work, where his passion for the apes appears), Willy the Wimp (a big lesson for shy children and without self-respect) or Changes (a story that tell us about jealousy), Anthony Browne handle his pictures to tell us other stories inside the main story, or to emphasize it, for example in Piggybook we can see how the pictures on wallpaper change during the action: first, are tulips and after they seems pig faces. For more details, you only can do a thing: read it.

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