Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Contrary thoughts

We find a lot of conflicting thoughts in fairy tales or Children’s Literature. In these kinds of stories have been combined pairs of thoughts or feelings, like realism/idealism, sadness/happiness, serious/cheerful, incorrect politically/correct politically, etc. Like the whole life… The life is plenty of conflicting situations that involved us in many dilemmas: when you are going to get married, when you want to have a child, when you obtain a new job, when somebody dies… Everybody doubts, it’s a life’s law.
If there is somebody who doubts about all, this is Charlie Brown. This character, created by Charles M. Schulz , represents the eternal child. He’s honest, lovely, fearful, ... He’s human too… Charlie Brown is so close…!
Charles M. Schulz created Peanuts in 1950, from then to the present day, after his decease too, Peanuts: Lucy, Sally, Linus, Marcie, Patty and the rest of Charlie Brown’s family have had a lot of followers around the world.
At the end, say that I don’t know if Charlie Brown’s hesitation is a good solution to world’s problems and I don’t know if Obama could be good solutions to this too… We’ll hope it…

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