Monday, November 10, 2008


My passion for books began very early. When I was a child, my father and I get used to visiting the library. I remember that we read a lot. I loved comic, illustrated books…, some adventure novels, like Treasure Island or Gulliver’s Travels… I really had fun. Since those years, I like libraries. Libraries are beautiful places where words live.
Now I used to go there too, and I read and read too.
In my memories, there are a lot of books that have changed me. My mind has grown up with some stories. One of them is Frederick. Frederick was created by Leo Lionni, one of the most known illustrators and authors of Children’s Literature. Among his works we can quote Little blue and little yellow or Swimmy.
Frederick tells the life of a mice family. While four of these mice work hardly collecting food to eat during the winter, the fifth mouse, doesn’t. This mouse, Frederick, is a special mouse. He collects the sun’s heat, the flowers’ colours and the words carried by the wind. Simply, read it.

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